Sunday, 25 March 2012

Really long wear eye-liner

While I don't wear a huge amount of makeup, I am one of these women who won't leave the house without a certain amount of camouflage on (there is one very tired mummy underneath that concealer and pop of blusher). Frankly I just look knackered without it. And one of my makeup "things" is that I always have to wear eyeliner in a little feline flick. Now, back in my spendthrift days, I had something of a love affair with Bobbi Brown makeup. I still am in love with the stuff but we just can't be together. But one product I just haven't been able to replace for a cheaper substitute is Bobbi Brown's Longwear Eyeliner Gel. It comes in a little pot and at £12 a pop it isn't cheap. But it is fabulous. A little goes a really long way and my personal everyday favourite is the Bronze Shimmer - a lovely soft shimmery brown which really makes your eyes stand out without the slightly harsh look of the 1950's signature black eyeliner flick.
Trouble is the gel would often start to go cakey and dry before I'd even got halfway through the pot. I blush to think how many pots I threw away when that happened. Then last year I had a brainwave. I was trying to think of a way of rejuvenating the pot and went along the lines of the solvent you often use to remove makeup is often the one that can rehydrate it (think a drop of nail varnish remover can revive old bottles of nail varnish). I find baby oil is the best (and cheapest) eye makeup remover, so I tried a tiny drop of that. Low and behold - good as new eyeliner gel! So whenever my little pot starts to get thirsty, I pop in a drop of baby oil and give it a swirl round with my liner brush or the end of my tail comb and it's good to go again.
My current pot has now been going for... it must be getting on for three years now. It is getting low, but thankfully I have a £10 John Lewis voucher sitting in my purse that is earmarked for a replacement, so I can have the double joy of buying a new Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel for only £2.
PS I should point out that for hygiene purposes it is always advisable to look at the use by date of cosmetics (should be on the packaging) and if you have say an eye infection, throw out your old cosmetics to avoid reinfection.

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