Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The sweet smell of savings

It’s amazing what inspiration strikes in the shower. There I was lathering up this morning staring rather blankly at the empty reed diffuser sitting on our window sill (a Christmas present from the mother-in-law) vaguely thinking it was a shame it was now finished, when I had a eureka moment. Now I should just back track a little here and admit I have a (now suppressed) addiction to home fragrances – namely Yankee Candles, which I can no longer justify indulging as the large ones are about £17 a pop. Any kind of home fragrance permutation is therefore a very welcome gift at birthdays and Christmas, hence my disappointment at the now exhausted reed diffuser.

Well I suddenly remembered that tucked away in a drawer in the living room was a collection of very old refresher oils from back in the days when tea light oil burners were considered the cutting edge of home fragrance. Thankfully aroma technology has moved on since then as there was nothing more irritating than suddenly getting a whiff of acrid burning oil because you’d forgotten to replenish the little puddle of water. So on a hunch I took the reed diffuser, tipped in a bottle of the fragrance oil from the drawer and topped it up with a bit of olive oil from the kitchen. Low and behold – a new reed diffuser for nothing! Especially pleasing given that I’d noticed some in Sainsbury’s last week for £14. It really works too.

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